kaitlin konecke, editor-in-chief

Kaitlin Konecke is a writer based in Baltimore, Maryland and is the founder of Critical Darlings. She holds a degree in Electronic Media and Film. By day, she works as the Marketing Manager at a publishing company, and by night she does her part to fight the patriarchy. Her writing focuses on feminism, body positivity, destigmatizing mental health, and critically examining popular culture. A Gryffindor and an extrovert, Kaitlin’s passions also include musical theatre, Animal Crossing, her fat cat, and mid-century home goods. Follow her on Twitter @kaitko and on Instagram @y2k_aitlin.


charlotte smith, managing editor

Charlotte Smith is a writer and artist living in Baltimore, Maryland. She is currently a student at Towson University, where she majors in Mass Communications and minors in Creative Writing. Charlotte hopes to use art in many forms to make sense of the world, particularly the social issues that she sees affecting herself and others in daily life. She is particularly passionate about the rights of women and minorities, and likes to work with publications that are committed to sharing their stories. She also writes for Lithium Magazine and Adolescent Content, among other publications. You can follow her on Twitter here: @charsmithirl.


Erin mcdaniel, content editor

Erin McDaniel is a writer and teacher living in Cleveland, Ohio. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Creative Writing Program at George Mason University. Erin's curiosity and her drive to understand human motivation compel her to write about subjects ranging from suicide cults to Survivor. An Orioles fan, board game geek, and friend, Erin puts most of her daily energy into creating a better world for her daughter in the small ways she can.


Teresa Iafolla, editor

Teresa Iafolla is a writer and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently a graduate student in Sociology at the University of California, Davis researching how broader trends of economic insecurity are impacting intimate relationships, emotional well-being, and gender inequality. In her free time, she loves turning a critical feminist eye on the latest pop culture releases, especially anything fantasy or scifi.