Critical Darlings accepts submissions of media and cultural criticism from female, non-binary, and minority writers. Check out our submission guidelines before sending in your work.

Submission Guidelines

Critical Darlings accepts submissions of the following content:

  • Reviews in movies, television, and music

  • Episode recaps of television shows

  • Essays on anything pop culture-related

  • Commentary on popular culture and relevant current events

  • Original fan fiction and fan art

Audience and Tone

Articles written for Critical Darlings will be aimed at an audience looking to read recaps, reviews, and commentary from the perspective of female, non-binary, and minority writers and critics. Readers of Critical Darlings will find thoughtful articles that are written in a professional manner. While there can (and should!) be humor injected wherever appropriate, it must not be mean-spirited. At Critical Darlings, we pride ourselves on being respectful of what we are critiquing—many people’s time, energy, and passion may have gone into a project, and we keep that in mind when providing critical analysis.

Technical Details

  • Word count: Keep blog posts in the range of 800 - 2,800 words.

  • Linking: Link to other content whenever relevant. Every link included must add value to readers. Link to other websites when referencing them or if it will help clarify a point or provide additional information. DO NOT put too many links in one blog post. Always include any necessary hyperlinks in your submissions.

  • Paragraph length and spacing: Keep paragraphs short. No longer than 4 lines. Our style uses the em-dash and Oxford comma.

  • Formatting: Use headers and subheaders to break up your post. Movies and television shows should be italicized. Titles of television episodes should be in quotation markets. Lists should be bulleted NOT numbered (except for step-by-step or chronological instructions). Avoid big blocks of text. When writing headlines, be specific and indicate a benefit to the reader.

  • Images: Use images and/or gifs to break up text and make the blog post scannable, as well as to support data. Ideally, include one image at every scroll depth, so the image is always visible. You may include images with your submission, or we may select appropriate images for your piece. If you submit an image, you must have permission to use it. Images must be between 1500 to 2500 piexels wide and under 500KB. The image resolution limit is 60 MP (megapixels).

  • Author bio: Tell us who you are! Write a brief bio about yourself in the third person. Include any information about yourself that you’d like! Include the kinds of topics your writing covers or other things you’re passionate about. Provide your social media handles and include a headshot.

Questions? Email us!